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CCL Label Eclipse Films’ Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) process can impart unique

 properties to a variety of polymer films. These films have the potential to deliver    

 competitive advantages, with customized properties, reduced material films and enhanced 


 “We don’t make film.


Products & Services:

·         Toll MDO services for customer supplied roll stock

·         Customer focused research & development

·         Commercial scale up and production



Capabilities available:

·         Output film width up to 63 inch

·         Input film width up to 72 inch

·         Corona treating - single or double sided

·         Roll diameters up to 30 inch

·         In-line slitting

·         Film ironing

·         Variety of polymers, structures & materials

·         Capable of handling a broad spectrum of film thickness         


4434 Muhlhauser Road - Suite 200

Hamilton, Ohio 45011


Fax 513-942-1444

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